From the Pastor’s Desk

The Cool of the Day

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

Last week, after mowing the lawn, I sat on the back patio of my house cooling down. The sun sank towards the horizon. Shadows grew. A light breeze fluttered in the leaves overheard, and the air cooled my skin. There was a calm like the world was preparing to settle in for the night. Peace filled the air.

While drinking in that scene, I reflected on God “walking in the garden in the coll of the day” (Gen. 3:8). In that scene, God comes walking soon after Adam and Eve have sinned. To them in this instance, His walking was probably like a parent pacing down the hallway after discovering how terribly her kids treated the neighbor kids.

Yet, the image seems to communicate that this wasn’t the first time God walked in the garden “in the cool of the day”. I wonder if Adam and Eve enjoyed the cool of the day with God more often, like friends sitting together at the end of a long day of work. It is possible that this was a regular occurrence for Adam and Eve: a holy time of peace spent with the Holy One.

As I sat on the back patio with the sky slowing fading towards black, it became a holy place….a place of meeting with God in the cool of the day. I imagined myself sitting with Him, enjoying the peace of His presence……and everything else faded.

When was the last time you just sat with God and enjoyed His presence? No devices. No music. Just the “cool of the day” in the Lord’s presence

God’s invitation stands to all. Put down the devices. Turn off the notifications. Lay aside the “busy-ness” and the stresses of life. Instead, pull up a chair and enjoy the cool of the day with the Lord.

Pastor Tim Kooiman