The Mission Statement of the Outreach Team
By the power of the Holy Spirit, the Outreach team’s purpose is to help bring people to Jesus and to membership in His family through the advancement and/or coordination of the evangelism/outreach efforts of Delavan Christian Reformed Church, in order to magnify God’s name.

Our Outreach Efforts Have Four Areas of Focus:

  1. Local Ministries & Missions.
    1. Connect & support our local community ministries.
    2. Connect & support those in need within our church, schools, and community. We call it the Children & Family Support Circle.Allison Person leads our local  ministries and mission efforts, please reach out to her if you have interest in connecting or supporting our local outreach efforts.
  2. National & International Missions.
    1. Learn more about our missionariesJoe & Carolyn Bunker lead our national and international mission support, please reach out to join the team in supporting or missionaries.
  3. Community Outreach Events.
    1. These are events such as the annual parade, Worship in the Park, and other events that invite those to know the love of Christ in our community.
  4. Church Outreach. (soon to move into it’ sown team “Church Reach In” per the new structure)
    1. This team includes: Baskets of Love, Dinner for 8, Welcoming DCS families to DCRC, and DCRC fellowship and discipleship events.