Small Groups

Empty Nesters
This group is for couples whose children have all left the “nest”.  The group will meet for Bible Study as well as plan monthly activities such as bowling, miniature golf, visiting nursing home, etc.  The first meeting will be held at church on Wednesday, October 12th  at 6:00pm.

Contacts: Curt & Sue Knudtson  262-723-3174, Email  csk10

The KeenAgers is a group of single and married people who are 55 years of age and above who meet once a month at 12:00 noon for fellowship and a potluck meal. We meet in the church fellowship hall, usually the second Thursday of the month. We begin with prayer and serious and light hearted conversation abounds during the meal as attendees often share some items of interest, a poem or some serious or funny stories.   At the end of the meal, a Bible passage or inspirational writing is read and the singing of several hymns takes place. It is a good time for Christian fellowship. We are always looking for new people to join us.

Contacts: Bob & Marion Brenton  262-728-1287   Email mbmjb

The Great Outdoors
This is a small group with an objective to grow our relationships and enjoy God’s creation.  Anyone can join: couples, singles, and/or families. Our plan for activities include: hiking, fishing, sledding, skiing/boarding, kayaking, and whatever the group desires to do. We will make a call on the activity that week because they may be weather depending. Our fallback plan is food and fellowship on days weather does not cooperate.
Set Meetings for 2016: November 12, and  December 10

Contact: Darren Viss if interest in joining. Darren

Young Adult Social Group
Post-high school single and married young adults are invited to join this group for fellowship and social activities.  Our goal is to develop relationships and get to know each other better.  We will get together approximately once a month to have dinner or do some social outing.  Kids are welcome.

Contact: Amy Polyock  608-215-5089, Email  amypolyock or
Brett Polyock  262-903-8813, Email  brettpolyock